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Do you have an idea but lack the resources or expertise required to design and manufacture it?

Or perhaps you need to update a legacy design but aren’t sure how to meet your new design criteria?

At Solid Ground Electronics, we want to support you no matter the scale, from modifications of circuit boards and firmware, to new product design, integration, and manufacture. Working with us, you need not worry about the many hurdles and pitfalls lurking around the corner.

So why choose us? Because we’re passionate about delivering cost-effective solutions, solving complex problems, and creating products that your customers will love. Take a look around, and if you like what you see, why not get in touch? Together, we can build something incredible!

Our Services

We are flexible and can support you in any of the following areas…

Concepts & Planning

Solving complex problems can become overwhelming very quickly as its easy to lose focus with so many moving parts. Using a variety of frameworks, we can target the core requirements and identify any challenges that stand in our way. Our methodical approach paves the way for innovation and creative problem-solving.


Prototyping can allow you to find requirements that your specification didn’t capture. Unfortunately, it can be quite costly, so it’s important to work smart. In the beginning, we focus on proof of concepts and iterating quickly. As we gain confidence in our approach, we will commit more time to refinement. We can prototype PCBs in a week, and 3D prints can be done in a day.


Working with manufacturers you trust and knowing what information they need can affect the timeline and budget. Fortunately, Solid Ground Electronics has its own list of trusted suppliers, metal fabricators, board houses, assembly houses, box builders, and plastic manufacturers, to name a few. We can take on the manufacture and assembly of your product or sub-components for you, should you wish.

Mechanical Design

Enclosure design dictates the environment in which a product can be used, the assembly cost, and the perceived build quality. We have experience in designing for 3D printing, injection molding, and sheet metal folding. Furthermore, our ability to exploit the mechanical properties of printed circuit boards can unlock cost savings.

Electronic Design

We see new IoT products being released everyday. Fortunately, we have experience working with Bluetooth low energy, WIFI, Ethernet, LoRa, and more! The need for better connectivity and more data is not going away any time soon, but we can enable your product to have the cutting-edge features it deserves.

Software Design

Software caught on for a reason. It can be modular and extensible, but most of all, it’s flexible. Over the years, we have created PC applications, python scripts for use on Linux, HTML web pages, and a bazillion projects written in C/C++ and Arduino.


Here are some projects we have worked on…

Panic Badge

A wearable panic solution with indoor location tracking for use by vulnerable workers with the hospitality sector.

WIFI LED Controller

An addressable LED pixel controller with WIFI, BLE, USB type-C, SD card and HUB75 LED panel connector.

FSK Modem

An interface between a VHF/UHF radio and an embedded linux computer.

High Power LED Module

A water cooled RGBW light module built around 4x100W COB LEDs. Supports PWM control, WIFI and BLE.

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