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About Solid Ground Electronics

Solid Ground Electronics is an electronics design consultancy that offers a wide range of engineering services for your next project.

Specializing in both hardware and embedded software design, we can prototype your ideas, conduct feasibility studies and help bring your project to life, be it a part of a larger system or a fully standalone solution.

Please consider using our services so that we can work together and help your business grow.

Design, Prototyping and Pre-production Modelling Service

Electronic Design

We will work with you to design, build and test anything from hand soldered prototypes to panelized boards ready for batch production, providing suggestions and feedback along the way.

With experience using a variety of industry standard tools, tried and trusted techniques and electronic design automation software, Solid Ground electronics engineering services is flexible in its approach to problem-solving.


Prototyping Service

Since the advent of crowd funding, it has been possible to launch a product with just the concept alone. Solid Ground Electronics strives to provide startups with low cost functional prototypes, in order to give prospective customers an accurate representation of your idea, whatever the budget.