A selection of in-house & commissioned projects.
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LED Cube Without a Micro Controller

I was browsing the internet when I discovered a 5mm LED that would automatically cycle through various colours and strobe when 5v was supplied. After watching Makezine’s ‘Make a Pocket LED Cube’ video with Bre Pettis, I thought would be cool idea to make a cube using these LEDs. That way, no expensive micro-controllers and programming equipment would be required.

The case was made from 3mm Acrylic fused together with Tensol plastic adhesive. A jig was used to hold the LEDs in place whilst the structure was soldered together. The device was powered through a USB cable using a USB power adapter.











How to build !

Tesla Coil

At age 16 I was inspired to build a working Tesla coil after watching videos on YouTube. The Tesla coil was invented by Nicola Tesla circa 1891 and is technically called an air cored resonant transformer. Matching the inductive reactance and capacitive reactance of the primary coil and tank capacitor to that of the secondary winding is the key to resonance and getting big sparks. Without the required test equipment back then, I was unable to determine what needed changing in order to optimize it.

While this was not my first DIY project, it was the first one that I documented with a series of photographs. I was fortunate enough to be allowed to demonstrate this to my classmates and visitors at school. 



I discovered this extremely simple diagram when conducting research into the basic operation of the aircored resonant transformer AKA the tesla coil, as designed by Nikola Tesla circa 1890’s


The construction consisted of 18mm MDF board, various pvc fittings, a neon sign transformer, copper magnet wire and bunch of jam jar capacitors that utilize the dielectric properties of glass to store a charge.