Fredmau5: Deadmau5 LED Replica

After working on and off for nearly 4 years, this project is now finished. Upon discovering Deadmau5; the stage name of Joel Zimmerman,  I had always toyed with the idea of re-creating the LED mau5 head that he wears during his shows. After some research, I began planning how it would all go together. The lights are a chain of individually addressable led pixels that were glued in place with hot-melt glue and a mix of custom led holders, some of which I 3D printed and the rest made by Shapeways 3d printing service.



A mask image was used to generate the eyes and mouth.



Led Edit 2013 was used to convert graphics displayed on screen into LED instructions.



A copy of Glediator was obtained from and was used to create visual effects.



Electro-luminescent wire is used to highlight the ears, however my camera did not have enough dynamic range to capture both well.




A 14″ lighting globe was cut in half and reinforced with MDF to act as a shell.


Custom LED pixel holders were designed using sketchup and 3D printed using a prusa I3.

An animated gif that was used as a mask.

Colour gif image used to test the LEDs.


Another animated gif used as a mask.


LED Helmet

This cheap and cheerful LED matrix helmet was loosely based on the masks worn by Daft Punk in the music video for the track titled “Something About Us”.

A Johnson decoded decade counter (4017) was used to cycle through the columns of the matrix, while 2 shift registers allowed individual LEDs to be illuminated in the column determined by the counter. An Arduino Uno was used to control the counter and shift in the desired pixels to form an image. These images can be played in quick succession to create the illusion of motion.




The LED matrix on the right is driven by the same chips and is there for a duplicate of the left hand matrix.



It is hard to make this look pretty, and it is even harder to look through.