20th February 2016 admin

Fredmau5: Deadmau5 LED Replica

After working on and off for nearly 4 years, this project is now finished. Upon discovering Deadmau5; the stage name of Joel Zimmerman,  I had always toyed with the idea of re-creating the LED mau5 head that he wears during his shows. After some research, I began planning how it would all go together. The lights are a chain of individually addressable led pixels that were glued in place with hot-melt glue and a mix of custom led holders, some of which I 3D printed and the rest made by Shapeways 3d printing service.



A mask image was used to generate the eyes and mouth.



Led Edit 2013 was used to convert graphics displayed on screen into LED instructions.



A copy of Glediator was obtained from http://solderlab.de and was used to create visual effects.



Electro-luminescent wire is used to highlight the ears, however my camera did not have enough dynamic range to capture both well.




A 14″ lighting globe was cut in half and reinforced with MDF to act as a shell.


Custom LED pixel holders were designed using sketchup and 3D printed using a prusa I3.

An animated gif that was used as a mask.

Colour gif image used to test the LEDs.


Another animated gif used as a mask.